When editing and saving item details, you are given the option to:

  1. Always map to updated item
  2. Replace Item only this time

If the "essence of the item" in the Update From is the exact same as the Update To, then it's recommended that you select Always map to updated item, just like the example above.

Mapping the item tells Plate IQ: the next time Plate IQ reads the "Updated From" item, show the mapped "Updated To" item instead.  You'll want to use this in times where you're:

  • Renaming the item
  • Expanding the item's description
  • Fixing a typo in the SKU
  • etc.

Sometimes, however, the "essence of the item" is different.  "Juice-Lemon" is a completely different item than "Juice-Lime," so you wouldn't want to map one to the other:

The recommended option here is to Replace Item only this time.