After uploading, your invoice pages are processed using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.

Invoice processing takes up to 24 hrs.

PDF images of invoices are processed significantly faster than photos, or scans of physical pages.

Invoices that are listed under the Uploads tab, are not finished digitizing, and some of the fields might indicate missing information. Even though the information is clearly visible to you upon opening the image, Plate IQ is not finished digitizing the invoice.

During Processing, your pages are also being merged to create complete documents in your dashboard.

Invoices may not be mapped or exported while in the Uploads queue. When they are finished digitizing, it will be available for your review.

If the invoice is complete and has already been GL coded, it will automatically bump to Pending Export (or Pending Approval, depending on your account configuration). Invoices that require further action will bump to Needs Attention, for further review before export.

See our articles on "Needs Attention Invoices" and "GL Coding Invoices" for more information.