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What are Vendor Connections?

Vendor Connections is the best way to automatically retrieve and upload invoices to Plate IQ.

Why should you use Vendor Connections?

Digital Invoices are automatically uploaded to Plate IQ, so you don't have to worry about manually uploading invoices.

Digital Invoices also come in a digital file format that allows us to parse the data quickly and with perfect data accuracy.

Vendor Connections Setup

On the top right, click the down arrow to access Settings.

Once in Settings, click Vendor Connections on the left.

You can toggle between Your Vendors or Browse All Vendors.

Your Vendors are vendors that may have vendor portal with downloadable invoices and/or vendors that you currently use.

Browse All Vendors is a list of all Vendors Connections.

There is also a Search feature on the right.

If you see a blue lightening bolt next to a vendor, it means we have built a connection to them. Click Connect Account to get started.

Enter your credentials and click Log in and authenticate to continue.

After verification, you will need to match your locations. 

Select which location the invoice on the left applies to in Plate IQ. This creates a mapping rule from the Customer Account ID to that Plate IQ location, so future invoices with that ID will automatically go to that assigned Plate IQ location.

You do have the option to Skip a location, this will put the invoice in the Unknown Locations tab on the home page. 

After verifying your locations, click confirm and finish to complete your location mapping. 

To request a new vendor, Click Request Vendor on the top right. A pop up will display, click Let's Start when ready.

Fill out the vendor information and enter your login credentials. Click Request Vendor Connection when finished.