This article demonstrates how to bulk import contract prices. 

Instructions to bulk import contract prices

You can import many Contract Prices at the same time with three easy steps:

Step 1: Format your Contract Prices using the template

  • Navigate to Contract Prices
  • Download the bulk import template

  • Remove the example data, and add your contracts (retaining the conventions used for each column)

Note: Changing any of the column names, or breaking the conventions in the template may cause the import to fail.

  • Your file is now ready for import!

Step 2: Select `bulk import` from the dropdown

  • Select `bulk import` from the dropdown
  • Simply drag and drop your new .csv file from Step 1 into the box, or select it from your files

Step 3: Submit

  • Successful imports will instantly populate all of the rows from your .csv file into the Contract Price table
  • Failed imports will include details about why the failure occurred. Please update your file and try again.

    • Common errors include
      • Dates not formatted in the `MM-DD-YYYY` convention
      • Contract Prices or Thresholds including `$`