Report Title: AP Aging by Invoice

Category: Bill Pay

Available to: Users with access to Bill Pay

Pricing Package: Basic


The AP Aging by Invoice report returns unpaid invoices with their corresponding aging bucket.

Bill Pay users can use this report to see a breakdown of their outstanding payments to better plan and manage cashflows.

Dashboard View


GroupGroup of locations to run the report on.  To run the report on all locations, leave this blank.
LocationTo run a report for a single location, select the location's Group, and choose the location from the dropdown.
Aged as ofIf chosen, the report will slate invoices into aging buckets as of the given date.  Otherwise, the report will default to Today's date.
VendorTo view invoices from a particular vendor
EmailPre-populated with the user's email address.  Additional emails can be included by appending other comma-separated emails.


LocationLocation specified on the invoice
StatusApproved status determined by approval state in Plate IQ.  
If Invoice has been exported, then Status = Exported.
If Invoice has been approved, but not exported, then Status = Approved
If Invoice is neither of the above, then Status = Pending.
Invoice NumberInvoice number, as it's read on the invoice
DateInvoice date, as it's read on the invoice
VendorConcatenation between Vendor ID - Vendor Name, as it's read on the invoice
Due DateIf Net Terms are specified, then the Due Date = Invoice Date + Term.  Otherwise, the Due Date = Invoice Date.
AgingRepresents the aging bucket based on the difference between the Due Date and the "Aged as of" date from above.

Buckets include:

  • current: less than or equals 0
  • 1 to 30: (0, 30]
  • 31 to 60: (30, 60]
  • 61 to 90: (60, 90]
  • 91+: 90+ exclusive
Open BalanceSum of the spend for that invoice.

User who approved


Memo added to invoice (if applicable)

Issue(If the invoice was flagged)