Here are a few questions you might have on statements and how they work.

  1. Can statements be stored without having the reconciled feature?
    • Yes, by changing the invoice type they will fall under "other docs". 
    • Statements won't be processed unless the feature it's enabled
  2.  How to convert an invoice to a statement? 
    • Select "More"
    • Convert to statement
    • The statement will appear under the "Statement" tab under "Processing
  3. How to email a vendor for missing invoices? 
    • Find the statement that, it can be found under "needs attention"
    • On the top right of the statement, there will be an option that says "Email vendor" 
  4. Is there a specific email address used to upload statements? 
  5. How do I reconcile a statement is not every invoice is matched?
    • Click on "More" -- Select "Mark as reconciled" or
    • Manually add the missing invoices