Edit your email preferences HERE and select the Plate IQ notifications you would like to receive in your inbox.

Dashboard Settings:

  • Automatically Expand The Invoice Header Information
    • This is for the old UI – disregard
  • Automatically Log Me Out
    • When you are inactive for a certain period of time – the system can log out you out. This is done for security measures if needed.
  • Preserve Last Selected Restaurant Or Restaurant Group 
    • When viewing Invoice, Statements or Vendors to narrow down the information you can filter out by selecting a location. This can be set to default on this option.
  • Show Accounting Vendor Names in Invoices
    • Instead of having the name of the vendor – the accounting ID or Name can be shown on the Header.
  • Show Validations Errors in Invoice Details
    • If validations errors need to be viewed on the invoice itself, enabled this option.

Email Settings

  • Receive Confirmation After I Export Invoices
    • Once you the invoices have exported, an email with a confirmation will be sent
  • Receive Confirmation When I Upload Statements
    • An email confirmation can be sent when statements have been uploaded to the location
  • Receive Confirmation When Invoices I Upload Are Received By PlateIQ    
    • You will get a confirmation of how many invoices have been uploaded and to what location
  • Receive Confirmation When Invoices I upload Have Finished Processing
    • Once the batch of invoices have been processed, an email will be sent out confirming the status
  • Receive Confirmation When Invoices Uploaded By My Restaurant Have Finished Processing
    • An email will be sent out confirming when all the invoices uploaded recently have been processed
  • Receive Daily Digest Of Invoices Pending My Approval
    • If the location has approval policies, an email can be sent out daily as a reminder there are pending approval invoices

General Settings

  • Atomically Map Items To GL Accounts Without Prompts    
    • If the items will only be mapped to one account, this can be done automatically

BillPay Settings:

  • Receive Email Notifications When A Bill Pay Payment completes
    • You will get an email that confirm the payment has been completed
  • Receive Email Notification When A Bill Pay Payment Requires Approval 
    • When a check run or payment is created and it needs to be approved, and email will be sent notifying the user of this.


We continuously add new preferences so feel free to email us at support@plateiq.com if you have any questions.