What it does:

  • The QuickBooks Web Connector allows you to upload bills and bill payments from Plate IQ into  QuickBooks Desktop with one click. 
  • No more exporting and importing IIF files from either product.

Installing the Sync File

  1. Download the sync file (.qwc file) emailed to you by your Plate IQ Account Manager 
  2. Log in to QuickBooks:
    • Make sure QuickBooks Desktop is running with the same Company File you're attempting to sync with Plate IQ (this company file should be the only one open in QuickBooks if you have a secondary file open, the installation won't work). 
    • Make sure you are logged in as an ADMINISTRATOR for the QuickBooks account. 
  3. Find the recently downloaded *.qwc file within your Downloads folder, and double-click on it.

4.Confirm your Plate IQ restaurant name in the Name field, and click OK.  

5. Select the option: “ Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running”  

6. Click on Done (See below)

7. Type your Plate IQ account password on the Password field and hit the Enter key (See Below)

8. Click Yes to save the password. (See Below)

9. Click on the checkmark on the far left and then (2) click Update Selected

Note: This will trigger your first sync for all invoices in Plate IQ that are “Pending Export” or  “Approved” (depending on your account configuration) ­ those invoices will be exported.