The Vendor Center will allow you to make and view all changes needed on a vendor level. The Vendor and Accounting integration will enable you to:

  1. Modify a vendor's accounting information
  2. View all invoices uploaded
  3. Review how items were mapped in invoices
  4. Add vendor notes
  5. Merge vendors

When selecting your vendor, you should get the following screen, were vendor details are listed.

1. You can modify Vendor's Accounting Information, on a vendor level. (See below)

2. Invoices Uploaded

When clicking on your Invoices tab, you will have the ability to view all invoices uploaded for that vendor.

Please note: That by clicking on an invoice, you will be redirected to that invoice's page.

3. Items

Your Items tab will provide you a summary on how the items were mapped in an invoice. (See below)

4. Vendor Notes

You can add any notices or additional notes for the vendor. (See below)

5. Vendor Merge
Vendor Merge is now available within the New Vendor Center. Click here to view additional details.