Add Items

1. Access

2. Select the Invoice.

3. Click thebutton at the bottom of the header and select the item from your drop down box.

As you start typing, suggestions from this vendor will populate in the dropdown.

If you have never ordered this item before, you can create a new item. Ensure you have spelled your item correctly so you do not create a duplicate line item for that vendor. 

4. Enter the unit, quantity and price for the line item you are adding. 


5. You can also map the item from here. Select Taxed if the item has taxes or not.

6. Click Save on the bottom left side of the item description.

Delete Items

Click the three dots to delete a single item.

Or select multiple items to bulk delete and click on the red trash can (top-right corner). 

Permissions: If you do not see this button, it means you do not have permissions enabled to add items to invoices. To request a change in your account permission please contact your account administrator. 

For further help adding an item to an invoice, email