If you accidentally upload an invoice multiple times into the Dashboard, Plate IQ discards the duplicate invoice. We match the Date, Invoice Number and Vendor name to determine if an uploaded invoice is a duplicate. One invoice would be verified by our team and the other invoice would be removed from our system.

Handwritten Invoices

We check for hand-written notes on all invoices, that would indicate that the invoice has been changed. We will expose the version of the invoice with the hand-written note, particularly if an item has been crossed out or the subtotal changed. 

Blurred Image

If you have uploaded an invoice image that is blurred or which does not properly display the items, Plate IQ will place the incomplete invoice in the Needs Attention tab. We recommend you re-upload the invoice image to the dashboard one more time. 

Please make sure to DELETE the incomplete invoice since, in most cases, Plate IQ will not be unable to recognize that the newly uploaded invoice is the same as the incomplete one. 

If you need further assistance you can also contact us at support@plateiq.com