Plate IQ is an innovative analytical dashboard for restaurants. Our dashboard represents the backend of your business in a compelling visualization and gives your team real-time access to your food expenses, price fluctuations by locations, vendors, and ingredients. Plate IQ helps you automate your accounting and offers insightful tools like track price variations in real time.

How can Plate IQ help your restaurant?
Plate IQ will help boost your bottom line by reducing your costs and increasing your profitability. Through the Plate IQ dashboard, you can track the items that have increased in price and have significantly impacted your margins. Plate IQ focuses on processing your invoices so you can spend more time empowering your team and improving your customer's experiences.

How does it work and who uses Plate IQ?

Plate IQ allows you to quickly and easily process your invoices.  All you have to do is use the Plate IQ app on your iOS phone to take pictures of your invoices and you’re all set! You can also scan your invoices and email them to your restaurant's personal email account or drag and drop the images into the Plate IQ invoice section of your dashboard. It takes less than 24 hours for your data to be reflected on your dashboard.

Bookkeepers love us! Manually entering data into an accounting program is a very time-consuming process. We can allow your bookkeeper access to your account so that they can easily export all your data into their accounting program with a single click.

Restaurant owners and managers love us!  Our customer base varies from small, single location restaurants to multi-location chain restaurants. You are able to sign up multiple users for locations so that the managers and owners have access to the data they need to operate efficiently.